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The Zack Company, Inc. offers two internships each Fall, Spring and Summer, generally beginning September and ending with the start of the holiday break, then starting in January and ending in May, and starting in May and ending in late August or early September.

TZC offers interns a wealth of hands-on experience in the world of publishing. Interns at TZC acquire valuable “real world” experience and publishing skills. Working in an active environment, TZC interns gain insight into the field of publishing and literary representation and learn the many functions of a literary agency. Our program enables students to develop confidence and marketable skills in a real-life business setting.

Interns generally work with numerous current clients and potential clients and responsibilities generally include:

  • Reading and reporting on prospective clients’ works
  • Reading and providing editorial feedback on current clients’ projects
  • Reviewing and auditing author royalty statements
  • Maintaining and updating database sources and webpages
  • Writing press releases
  • Drafting pitch or submission letters and following up on active submissions

Interns also gain practical experience with many different types of computer software. Interns will also perform various administrative tasks for client-related projects and internal needs.

TZC is looking for outgoing, articulate students who are conscientious, well-organized, detail-oriented, and entrepreneurial, have good writing skills and are capable of multi-tasking. Majors in communications, accounting, business, MIS, journalism, English or marketing are all welcome. Must be a current student at college junior or senior level of study.

Interns must be available for 16 hours per week (minimum four-hour blocks). This is an unpaid internship.

It is strongly suggested that you visit the agency’s web site at and review the FAQ lists and the various author biographies and titles, so that you know exactly what kinds of books TZC represents.

Like any job in publishing, most of your reading will be done at home, on your own time.

It should be noted that this internship is not directed at aspiring authors or those who hope to teach creative writing in the future. This is a hands-on business opportunity.

“I feel like I learned more practical knowledge in four months interning with The Zack Company than I did in four years of college. He always took the time to explain not just what we were doing, but why, made sure that I fully understood every aspect of publishing. I learned about paying royalties and negotiating contracts, about foreign rights, acquisitions, and editorial letters. Moreover, I got hands-on experience in all these things. I particularly loved reading manuscripts for acquisition and communicating with their authors—who were all very nice, even if I was giving them bad news. The detailed, one-on-one instruction that Andy gave me was almost certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it has made me a much more confidant professional.”—Isabella Capasso, Fall Intern 2014

“Like a lot of the other interns, I was unsure of what to expect going in. I was completely new to the publishing world and the literary agency side of it as well. Not only did I get experience proofreading and copyediting manuscripts, but I also got to read potential manuscripts up for representation and give feedback on them. I was also able to work on the business side of the literary agency (i.e. royalties, marketing, and speaking directly to authors) which has helped me understand the publishing world at a deeper level. I’m thankful that Andy gave me this opportunity to work with him because all of the knowledge that I’ve acquired is invaluable. It was hard at times, but this internship has given me a new confidence in the career path that I’ve chosen.”—Ashley Vorraro, Fall Intern 2013.

“I entered into this internship with The Zack Company, Inc., unsure of what to expect. Knowing nothing about publishing as a business, and believing that working in the writing world consisted solely of reading manuscripts, I walked into the office completely ignorant of reality. After working with Andy, I learned more than I thought possible. Much more than sorting through queries and manuscripts, I was given the opportunity to understand the business side of publishing—royalty statements, marketing, interaction with editors and authors, book pricing; the list goes on and on. Even though it was hard, it helped me better understand the world of publishing and literary agents, and gave me the experience I need pursue a career in publishing. Unlike some internships, where the boss makes you get coffee and figure out his/her methods through trial and error, Andy works right by your side, encouraging questions and helping whenever you’ve reached a stopping point. If you’re willing to do the work and are serious in taking a job within a publishing company (big or small), this internship is exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve learned how to be patient when working on projects and quickly pinpoint errors found in manuscripts—based on the Chicago Manual of Style, of course. Not only do I still want to be an editor, but I hope to be able to work within a publishing company using the skills I acquired here. It can be difficult, but it’s worth it!” —Jacquelyn Phillips, Fall Intern 2013.

“My internship at The Zack Company was a very eye-opening experience. Andy is extremely dedicated to his work and made sure that I got to experience every aspect of the publishing industry. This internship taught me much more than I could have learned at a large publishing house where I would have done only lowly grunt work. Instead, at The Zack Company, I was able to see the difference between the job duties of a literary agent, an editor, and a publisher. Andy tailored the internship to my interest in becoming a lawyer and he was a very patient and knowledgeable mentor. I would recommend this internship to not only people interested in the publishing industry, but people interested in becoming an overall more well-rounded and professional individual.” —Kelsey Schutte, Summer Intern 2013

“As an intern for The Zack Company, and under the mentorship of Andy Zack, I was given the opportunity to experience the publishing business. As anyone can clearly see from the introduction of eReaders and eBooks, the publishing industry is undergoing a transformation that will impact the future of book publishing. Thankfully, The Zack Company is quick to grasp the new, digital world of publishing, which meant that I was able to participate and develop skills in eBook publication that will undoubtedly serve me in any future career I pursue in publishing. In addition to gaining invaluable knowledge of many facets of the industry, I also had a truly enjoyable summer doing what I love: reading manuscripts and offering my advice and opinions to authors.”—Monique McDade, Summer Intern 2011

“An internship at The Zack Company is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the business aspects of publishing, offering a comprehensive introduction into this exciting world. From this internship I take with me an insider’s look at the publishing industry, valuable knowledge of the day-to-day responsibilities of a working literary agency, and the confidence to apply the skills I have gained to future endeavors”—Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Summer Intern 2010

“Over the course of this internship, I have had an in-depth look into the world of publishing. I have been able to experience every step of the process, from reading prospective clients’ works, to interacting with editors, to helping draft contracts. I have greatly improved my editing and writing abilities and learned how to conduct myself in a professional environment. Andy is very invested in helping you do all you can to succeed, and his guidance will help me in whatever career path I choose, be it publishing or elsewhere.”—Corrie Buck, Spring Intern 2009

“As an intern at The Zack Company, I have gained experiences that I know I will be able to take with me down the road. I have definitely become a stronger reader and writer. Prior to this internship, I thought my computer skills were average. I quickly learned that they were below par, but from this experience feel much more PC competent. While my future career endeavors will most likely not be in the world of business or publishing, I learned all about the submission process, how to write a query letter, how to write a press release, what publishers look for, and about royalties. All of these different aspects of publishing will be potential lesson plans that I can implement into my classroom as a teacher. Andy also gave financial advice that I will definitely be using in my personal life. Anyone who interns at The Zack Company, Inc. will experience first-hand what publishing is all about.”—Lisa Schwarz, Fall Intern 2008

“Over the course of this summer internship, I gained invaluable hands-on experience in the business of literary representation. Working with The Zack Company afforded me opportunities that would have been unavailable elsewhere. I was able to edit and critique numerous query letters, sample chapters, proposals, and manuscripts that gave me an in-the-trenches introduction to the business of writing and selling books. Furthermore, I was able to work on the marketing end of the business, focusing on improving the online side of TZC operations. Overall, I was very satisfied with my time at The Zack Company. I was able to improve my editing and writing skills and, more broadly, improve my understanding of the business world. I now feel more familiar and confident in a business setting because of the work I did with TZC and because of the valuable mentoring of Andy Zack.”—Madeline Davis, Summer Intern 2008

“My internship at the Zack Company, Inc. has proven to be an invaluable experience. I have gotten a taste of the real world of publishing, and now feel more prepared as I finish my college career to take on life after graduation. Andy is a great mentor who has helped me gain skills that I will use regardless of the career path I choose. Not only has he taught me about publishing, but he has also given me great advice about money management and other applicable life lessons that will give me a jump-start in my life after college. This internship experience will surely benefit me in all of my future career endeavors. Thank you, Andy, for this great opportunity!”—Elizabeth Marks, Summer Intern 2008

“This internship was an excellent jump-start to my career. Andy was a very effective mentor, helping me to develop the real-world skills that are going to allow me to succeed once I am done with school. I was able to dig in and get real hands-on experience going over royalty statements and interacting with publishing companies. Andy gave me an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the business world and everything that it encompasses. I look forward to finishing my degree and getting out into the real world. I am now much more prepared for whatever life can throw at me.”—Jeremy Gong, Summer Intern 2008

“This internship introduced me to the fields of publishing and literary representation where I was able to acquire and practice skills necessary to be competitive in the business world. Mr. Zack was a proactive mentor who provided a hands-on learning experience in the many facets of small business management and client/editor relations. I was closely involved in the operations of the company as some of my responsibilities included reviewing the company’s financial and royalty statements, databases, and interacting with clients and publishers via correspondence. The experience and skills I gained from this opportunity have created a solid foundation to build upon as I earn a degree in business.”—Justin Michitsch, Summer Intern 2007

“TZC’s internship program is a remarkable opportunity for students interested in learning more about the world of literature and publishing. I was able to read manuscripts and give feedback to not only Andy, but to the authors themselves. I also learned about website design, and the ins and outs of contract agreements. Through it all, Andy was helpful and informative, and I gained a greater understanding of the critical components of the publishing world. This opportunity is sure to benefit me through the rest of my schooling and beyond!”—Lauren Narasky, Summer Intern 2007

“As an English major, and with my previous work experience revolving around small newspapers, I was certain that my future lay in communications: either in journalism, editing, or publishing. I found the internship at The Zack Company to be a great experience. My main responsibilities were to correspond with authors, think critically about the website re-design, and to read manuscripts and present my opinions in a weekly editorial meeting. Not only were the opportunities there to explore my own interests within the world of publishing, but I was educated on aspects of the business that I wasn’t previously aware existed. I also appreciated Andy’s willingness to coach me on topics that I wasn’t as familiar or comfortable with. Although I ultimately wound up in a different field than I had anticipated—higher education administration—what I learned at the Zack Company did inform my post-graduate experience. I worked as an assistant dean of admission, and was a part of the communications team (among other responsibilities) where I got to play an integral role in the university’s communication plan. Working at The Zack Company helped me realize a passion for the written word, and also allowed me to see the unlimited venues to explore this passion. For me, it has come out in my involvement with university publications, in the writing and design that occurs when one must represent an institution to an international audience. I find myself reflecting on my experience at TZC often, and am still finding new ways in which to use the skills I learned.”—Kate Levine, Summer Intern 2004

“During my time with The Zack Company, I was fortunate enough to get exposure to the editorial process. There are very few opportunities for the average college student to see a manuscript, let along read and evaluate it. Having the opportunity, as an avid reader, to make suggestions, and have your voice heard, is a wonderful an invaluable opportunity for anyone interested in publishing or writing. I will be attending law school in the fall, and I consider this internship a strong influence that has pushed me in that direction.”—Christopher Credle, Summer Intern 2003

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