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Book Proposal Tips


A Basic Guide to the Book Proposal

  1. Introduction—an overview that briefly introduces the reader to the proposal, the topic and the author(s).
  2. Marketing overview—defines the market for the book:  who’s going to buy it and why.
  3. Competitive/Comparative Analysis—What other books are out there that are similar to your book?  How have they done in the marketplace?  Actual sales figures are great.  If there are competitive books to yours, how is yours going to be different?  How is yours going to be better?
  4. Annotated table of contents—Chapter-by-chapter table of contents with a paragraph or two detailing what each chapter will cover.
  5. Sample chapters—Preferably three, but at least 50 pages of sample material.
  6. About the author(s)—Your credentials for writing the book.  A résumé will frequently work, but a biography of three to four paragraphs is better.  If you are a physician or other professional, attach a c.v.
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