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Frequently Asked Questions

Agency FAQs

What is a literary agent?
How are agents compensated?
Do you use a written agreement?
Do you represent short fiction?
Do you represent screenplays and are you a member of the Writers Guild of America?
Who handles your movie rights?
Who handles your foreign rights?
You’ve read my book. You want to represent me. Now what?
When a sale is made, how am I paid?
What are your commission rates and for what expenses do you charge back the client?
What happens if I need a check early?
Will I get a 1099 from you?
Are you a member of the Association of Authors Representatives?
If the representation agreement is terminated, what happens to my reserved rights?
My last agent didn’t do anything with the reserved rights. Will you?
Can you help me get away from my old agent?
My friend wrote a novel. Would you take a look?
How often will I hear from you?
I need to be able to speak with my agent when I have a problem. Can I call you evenings and weekends?
Do you represent Children’s Books and Young Adult works?
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