Thank you for your interest in submitting to The Zack Company, Inc. You are strongly encouraged to review this entire page and the form below to ensure you have done the necessary research to answer all of the questions below and have formatted your work as per the guidelines.


We’re pleased to announce that TZC is no longer requiring authors to query us first. The form below has been revised to allow you to pitch us your work and submit your work at the same time.


For information on preparing your manuscript, please visit the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines page. For a guide to the book proposal for a nonfiction work please visit the Basic Guide to the Book Proposal page. There are also many good books about writing book proposals, should you want more information.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Submitting:


Is There a Way to Follow-up on my Query Letter or Submission?


Unfortunately, no. We tend to binge-read submissions and the works of our current clients come first. But we do tweet out updates when we get through a good number and send out our responses. Generally speaking, we read material in the order received, unless we know that editors are looking for something in particular, then we may prioritize reading materials that fill the bill for those.


Can I submit on paper, via the mail?


Unfortunately, no. We receive all submissions electronically. We simply do not have the space to store hundreds of pending submissions.


Can I email my submission as an attached file?


Again, sorry, but no. Please use the form to ensure we get your material and that it enters into our queue in order.


Geez, You Sure Are Picky About These Guidelines!


Very true. And we wish we didn’t have to be. Unfortunately, it often seems that everyone who owns Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, or a typewriter, or a pen and paper, is writing a book. And they are submitting them to us! And with the pandemic, a lot more folks seem to have extra time. So, to save our own sanity and leave us time for our lives, families, eating, drinking, and sleeping, we had to come up with a system and some guidelines. After going through thousands and thousands of queries and submissions, we’ve discovered some common denominators that work for us. And we really, really appreciate your following these guidelines!


Some notes on filling in the form below:


  1. Please use proper formatting when filling out the form below, e.g., do not put your name and address in all lowercase.
  2. Please put only your first and last name in the Name field.  If you are “writing as” another name, put that in the About the Author field, as well as any titles or ranks.
    Please put dashes in your phone number, e.g., 000-000-0000. If you have an international phone number, please use the field labeled for that and be sure to format it as though dialing from the US, e.g., drop the 0 from UK numbers, because from the US, we dial London 011-44-20…
  3. Please do not paste in the first chapter of your book in the Description field (yes, some people have done that).
  4. By submitting your query to us, you are opting in to receiving query and submission updates via email from us, as well as other news and writing tips from The Zack Company, Inc.
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