Behind the Throne

Behind the Throne

The first book in the acclaimed new series!

“A darn good space adventure yarn. It takes the best of the smugglers’ corner of the Star Wars universe and adds political intrigue and family drama.”—

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Series: The Indranan War, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Orbit Books
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Trade Paperback
About the Book

Library Journal’s “One of the best books of 2017.”

Hailimarie Bristol is not your average female protagonist. Having escaped from the suffocating court life of Indrana at the age of sixteen, Hail changed the course of her life, becoming a universally feared gunrunner and, eventually, captain of her own ship. Years later, though, her life is turned upside down by the death of her best friend and lover, the destruction of her ship, and her own effective kidnapping by Royal Trackers tasked with bringing her home. But why?

Because Princess Hailimarie Bristol is the only remaining heir to the Indranan throne.

Her sisters have been killed and her mother is ill. Is it a plot by Indrana’s enemies to restart the war that killed her father? Or is it a cabal of men from within Indrana’s own matriarchal society seeking to change centuries of rule by women? For on Indrana, men are second to women and not all are as accepting of that as they seem.

Caught in a whirlwind of plots and assassination attempts, poor Hail longs for the “simple life” of running guns and smuggling. But she can’t run back to that old life. For if she runs away again, Indrana will enter an unnecessary war with the neighboring kingdoms, millions will die, and the Bristol name would disappear forever.

Readers of both military science fiction and space opera are bound to fall in love with Hail Bristol. Tough, funny, independent, and not afraid of conflict, she’s no wallflower. Behind the Throne is filled with action, adventure, witty dialog, a unique world, and a feisty—and armed!—female protagonist. And, of course, there’s a fully realized plot of political intrigue that will leave readers wondering how it will all turn out.

[Starred Review] “Taut suspense, strong characterization, and dark, rapid-fire humor are the highlights of this excellent SF adventure debut.”
[Starred Review] “This debut ranks among the best political sf novels in years, largely because of the indomitable, prickly Hail. The secondary characters—from the trackers who are Hail’s only allies at first, to a conniving cousin—are fascinating as well. The matriarchal structure of the Indranan Empire leads to some interesting gender dynamics, and the cultural influences being largely from India make for a welcome change. VERDICT This fast-paced, twisty space opera borrows the political machinations from fantasies such as George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones and Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor.”
“A darn good space adventure yarn. It takes the best of the smugglers’ corner of the Star Wars universe and adds political intrigue and family drama.”
“Full of fast-paced action and brutal palace intrigue, starring the fiercest princess this side of Westeros.”
“Part rollicking space opera, part court intrigue, part futuristic sci-fi; this is the start of a damn good series. Rich world building, great characters, and an enthralling story make for a page turner that you’ll spend hours on to find out what happens next.”
“Not your average rags-to-riches princess story. I loved the action of the story, the way Hail refuses to allow her political advisers to prevent her from protecting herself, and the fact that she starts as Han Solo and ends as Leia Organa.”
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About the Author
K. B. Wagers

K.B. Wagers is the author of the Indranan War trilogy (the first of which, Behind the Throne, has been optioned for film and television by legendary UK film producer David Barron) and the Farian War trilogy both featuring the life and trials of former gunrunner/now empress, Hail Bristol. Their newest series, highlighting the adventures of the NeoG (Near-Earth Orbital Guard) will be out with Harper Voyager in spring of 2020 with the first book A Pale Light in the Black.

Having grown up on a farm in northeastern Colorado, K.B. graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies. They now live in the shadow of Pikes Peak with their husband, along with a crew of poorly behaved cats. They are especially proud of their second-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and three Tough Mudder completions, even if they can’t run like that anymore. There’s never really a moment when they're not writing, bullet journaling, or hand-lettering, but they do enjoy photography and a good whiskey.

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