Killer Heels: A Molly Forrester Mystery

Killer Heels: A Molly Forrester Mystery

“Chick lit fans, not to mention Sex in the City buffs, will find much to like.”—Publishers Weekly

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Series: The Molly Forrester Series, Book 1
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Ignition Books®
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781937868628
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $6.99
Audiobook Price: $21.95
About the Book

“Should you care to laugh while you read a murder mystery this would be a number one choice, as you rollick along toward a surprising end.”—Rendezvous

Sexy, suspenseful, and snarky, Sheryl J. Anderson’s slick debut novel introduces advice columnist Molly Forrester as she faces off against the magazine world, Manhattan’s singles scene, and cold-blooded murder . . .

Molly Forrester enjoys playing a “Dear Abby” type for Zeitgeist, a Manhattan glossy, while she seeks her break in serious journalism. She’s always hoped opportunity would knock, not throw itself at her feet–but then she literally stumbles over a colleague’s body. Now her chance to get closer to real news cannot be denied, as she stares at her spoiled Jimmy Choos planted firmly in a pool of blood . . .

Molly recruits trusty besties Cassady and Tricia to help her solve the crime. But she’s competing with and distracted by the gorgeous homicide detective on the case. And competing with Peter, her pretentious boyfriend and journo-rival. After a second name is brutally struck from the masthead, Molly investigates and stumbles again. This time, it’s onto dangerous secrets within Zeitgeist’s ranks. Now, her involvement in this deadly chaos might just cost her a whole lot more than a pair of to-die-for heels.

“Chick lit fans, not to mention Sex in the City buffs, will find much to like.”
“Delicious dialogue.”
“Her delightful series . . . reverberates with wit, style, and superb characterization.”
The first installment in what looks to be a winning series is upbeat, funny and totally, refreshingly original . . . a fabulous opening act.”
“A fun, ‘girls’ night out’ type of book that blends humor, craziness, and mystery. . . . The writing is smooth and flip with a fairly fast moving plot.”
“Light, amusing.”
“A series sure to please “Sex and the City” fans.”
“Sparkles like fine champagne, an intoxicating mix of wit, perception, and insouciance, and a wickedly clever but genuine depiction of single life in the city.”—Carolyn Hart, author of Murder Walks the Plank
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About the Author
Sheryl J. Anderson

Sheryl J. Anderson’s childhood ambition was to be a novelist. In college, her love of theatre led her to study playwriting. After graduation, she set her sights on television, writing first for comedies (series such as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and Dave’s World), and then for dramas (such as Charmed, Flash Gordon, When Calls the Heart). She created and executive produced Ties That Bind, the first original scripted series for UPtv, and has sold pilots to a variety of networks, including Disney, SyFy, and Lifetime.


Throughout this journey, the desire to write a novel never went away, leading to the Molly Forrester novels, a series of mysteries in which Sex and the City meets Murder, She Wrote. These Manhattan murder mysteries—Killer Heels, Killer Cocktail, Killer Deal, Killer Riff—blend all the things Sheryl loves most: comedy, dramatic intrigue, and snappy dialogue.

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