Evil can't hide when the Whiz Kid is on patrol!

“Paul Kupperberg blends his decades of expertise writing fun, engaging superhero comics with skillful prose to create a can't miss...novel. This book is a blast.”—Alex Segura, author of Secret Identity

“With heart and soul and a sense of humor, [Kupperberg] brings to life that fantasy we’ve all dreamed of at one time or another: what it would feel like to become a superhero in real life!”—Michael Uslan, Originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise and author of The Boy Who Loved Batman

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Genres: Science Fiction, Middle Grade
Publisher: Heliosphere Books®
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781937868857
List Price: 15.99
eBook Price: 8.99
About the Book

All young Wally Crenshaw wants is to be a super, ever since he saw Hyperion and the Justice Brigade save the day in Washington, DC.

But nothing ever happens in his hometown. A strange atmospheric anomaly means the internet is only on a couple of hours a day and cell phones don’t work there at all. In many ways, Crumbly-by-the-Sea, New Jersey is the town that technology forgot.

And that’s exactly why a certain super has retired there, hoping never to have to risk life and limb fighting superpowered villains or inter-dimensional aliens ever again.

But sleepy Crumbly-by-the-Sea is about to get a wake-up call, and things may never be the same.

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